Data Exchange Association

Data Exchange Association is a global non-profit association dedicated to accelerating the economy through data exchange innovations scaled-up for impact

DXA - Data Exchange Association shaping the Future of the Data Economy


About DXA

DXA unites public and private organizations from all industry sectors and geographies advocating for robust, rigorous and trusted data exchange standards, principles and guidelines —set to become the new rules of engagement within the emerging data economy.

Our mission

DXA Ambition

Be the reference for organizations and regulators when discussing, promoting, regulating and supporting data exchange. 


DXA Work

As a global non-profit association, DXA stands for the development and stimulation of the data economy through major data exchange innovation, and a regulatory environment encouraging secure cross-sector and cross-border collaboration for global, private and public organizations to prosper from data exchange technologies and innovations.

Key Figures

  • $186 billion
    investments in data spent by companies
    IDC report, 2019
  • $100 billion
    potential value of data sharing on manufacturing process optimization
    World Economic Forum with BCG, 2020, "Share to Gain : Unlocking Data Value in Manufacturing "
  • 2.5 quintillion
    bytes of data generated every day
    Domo, 2018, Data Never Sleeps 5.0
  • 51%
    of data workers time is wasted in searching data
    IDC report, 2019
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DXA mission is to boost the economy by bringing together fervent parties involved in
Data Exchange innovations, standards and principles.